Thème de la semaine

Hi ! This is the updated version of my very first game, Pastelle !

Since then, I have acquired some skills I needed when I first wanted to make the version of 2020. Here you can see the step by step.

What you will find in this new 2024 version :
  • A procedural generated dungeon
  • New ennemies
  • Better juice
  • A very clean code I could use to add more features…
What you won’t find
  • Content after finishing the red dragon. The demo stops here
  • A health and game over system. I didn’t have the time to make the necessary playtest so it’s better that way
  • All the other features I dream to add ✨
You play as a young wizard who can shoot shiny stars on ennemies. Controls :
  • ZQSD  / ⬅⬆➡⬇ : Move
  • Left click : shiny stars

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